Prisma's Data Guide

Learn how databases work, how to choose the right one, and how to use databases with your applications to their full potential.

Introduction to databases

Learn the basics of what databases are, why they are so important for most software, and how they work. Start from the fundamentals to give yourself a solid foundation.

What are databases?Comparing database types: how database types evolved to meet different needsIntroduction to database schemas

Database types

Each style of database has its own strengths and weaknesses. Learn more about common database types to help choose which one is best for you.

Relational databases

Relational databases are great at handling highly structured data and making it accessible with flexible querying. Discover why the relational paradigm has stood the test of time.

Comparing SQL, query builders, and ORMs


PostgreSQL is a feature rich object-relational database that offers incredible power and flexibility while maintaining standards compliance. Learn how to configure and use PostgreSQL to take advantage of its best features.

The benefits of PostgreSQLGetting to know PostgreSQL5 Ways to Host PostgreSQL DatabasesSetting up a local PostgreSQL databaseConnecting to PostgreSQL databasesAuthentication and authorization  •  An introduction to authorization and authentication in PostgreSQL  •  Managing roles and role attributes in PostgreSQL  •  Configuring PostgreSQL user authentication  •  Managing privileges in PostgreSQL with grant and revokeHow to create and delete databases and tables in PostgreSQLAn introduction to PostgreSQL data typesAn introduction to PostgreSQL column and table constraints